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Creative Countess offers a variety of classes from makeup and bodypainting to introductory special effects. Group classes and private classes are available at your own home or at Last Looks in Spencer at Filmmakers Ranch. Contracts, disclosures and invoices will be emailed prior to session and 50% retainer is due at time of booking. 


Topics for group and individual classes may be chosen. Some examples are: highlighting and contouring, how to use brushes, eyeshadow for hooded eyes, making makeup last, etc. 


Makeup is for everyone and I want to share it with you!


Private Classes

Learn how to use products in your arsenal, what you can try, or brand new techniques for your topic(s) of choice. 


Single Topic 30 minutes: $30

Two Topics 60 minutes: $50

Three Topics 90 minutes: $70

Having a night in or day out with friends and want to have a fun and interesting experience? Schedule a class!


Single Topic 30 minutes: $15 per person

Two Topics 60 minutes: $25 per person

Three Topics 90 minutes: $35 per person


Intro to Bodypainting

Learn the basics, brushes, products and techniques to body and face paint like a pro. 

60 minute class


$50 per person

Learn how to paint scars, bruises, clothes, jewelry and more for cosplays, Halloween or any other event. Intro to Bodypaint class or basic knowledge required as a prerequisite.

60 minute class


$50 per person


Intro to SFX

Learn how to safely apply and remove sfx makeup. Liquid latex to simulate injuries, adhesives, fake blood and more covered.

90 minute class


$75 per person


Group Classes


SFX with Bodypaint

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